A Step-by-step Guide to Organizing Digital Photos and Pictures

organizing digital photosWe’ve talked before about digital clutter, but it’s a never-ending issue that will only continue to grow with time. As it is, we all have the old laptops or computers that are basically “albums” of digital photos we haven’t seen in years—it’s such a shame! Our digital photos should be ready at our fingertips to use for the next #tbt or Facebook post opportunity.


So if you’re ready to tidy up your digital clutter, let’s start with what we know the best: digital photos and pictures.


The following steps will take you through how to organize, catalog, and maintain your digital images. It may take a bit of effort at first, but once you put a system into place, the upkeep will be a breeze.

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Celebrating Grandparents “Day” Year Round

Scan My Photos
The ScanMyPhotos.com Journal:

Celebrating Grandparents’ Day
Each year on September 13, we celebrate a wonderful holiday that honors the grandest of people in our families and lives. Grandparents Day is one of our favorite holidays here at ScanMyPhotos, but sometimes the day will sneak right past everyone without much notice or fanfare.



If you forgot to do something special for your Noni or PapPap, it’s not too late! You can give them the gift of preservation by sending a ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificate their way. It’ll be a great way to honor their legacy and memory for generations to come.

Give Now

Help your grandparents re-live the past through their photos
A picture taken in May of 1941 at the Cherry Blossom Festival
and uploaded for the poster’s grandma.Have a great vintage shot you’d like to see featured here? Share it with us on Facebook!

Photography Tip
How to Use Your
Scanned Photos
In order to make sure your photos don’t look as fuzzy as a Big Foot picture, you’ll need to determine which shutter speed is best for your picture. Use Shutter Priority mode to start and then increase or decrease shutter speed as needed.
Not sure what to give the grandparent who has everything? Load up a digital picture frame with a ton of smiling photos of you and the family, and give it to your grandparents to proudly display on their mantel.
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Where to Start

ScanMyPhotos.com Testimonial
“I sent in 2,000 in the first order. ScanMyPhotos was so good and the job they did was so well done-customer service was there to hold my hand through the entire process.
So, after that experience, I sent 3,000 more.”

From the ScanMyPhotos.com Blog
10 Touching Stories that Show the Power of Photos

If you go to any news site right now, you’ll likely see stories about national disasters, crisis, crimes, accidents, and political upheaval. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll read a truly touching article that brings a smile to your face or possibly a tear to your cheek.
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ScanMyPhotos in the News
See the ScanMyPhotos mention in The Washington Post
Any questions, please email us or use our live support help desk. You are the center of our attention and we are eager to help complete your photo scanning project.
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WashPost Photo Organizing Tips

Thanks to Jamie Davis Smith for her extensive Washington Post “On Parenting” tips for organizing photos. These tips are an important way to better organize, unclutter and enjoy decades of analog photos.




Tackling the back-log. Most parents have tons of unorganized photos going back (at least0 until their child’s birth. While this system is relatively easy to implement, it may seem daunting to go back and organize six or 10 years worth of photos. The good news is that you can organize your older photos gradually. Set a goal of finishing a year’s worth of photos over a month or two or even six. Looking through your old photos will be a fun trip down memory lane and you will probably enjoy the process. As you are going through your old photos remember to delete the ones that aren’t keepers. If you are unable to determine in which month old photos were taken or find it too time consuming to do so, concentrate just on organizing the photos by year and pay attention to creating folders for special events like “Johnny’s First Day of Kindergarten” or Halloween so that you can easily find them later.



If you have printed photos you may want to scan them yourself or use a service like www.ScanMyPhotos.com to do it for you.


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How to Honor Lost Loved Ones and Give a Priceless Gift

a Priceless Gift

Jeanne’s dad World War II photo

ScanMyPhotos customer, Jeanne Tobin, grew up before the days of digital photography. “We all took regular pictures, or ‘stills’ is what we used to call them.” These stills have been great for looking back on old memories, but Jeanne encountered a slight issue: the sheer number of printed photos accumulated over the years.


It started with Jeanne’s late father, whom she has some of her fondest memories.


“He was always walking around with his Nikon camera taking photos of us growing up—and my children, too. Wherever he was he took a picture. He took billions of photos and then would get duplicates for free. When he and my mom died 5-6 years ago, I went through all their things. I uncovered album after album of photos, and boxes filled to the brim with pictures that should have gone in albums.”

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10 Touching Stories that Show the Power of Photos

power of photosIf you go to any news site right now, you’ll likely see stories about national disasters, crisis, crimes, accidents, and political upheaval. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll read a truly touching article that brings a smile to your face or possibly a tear to your cheek.


For us here at ScanMyPhotos, we love to read any human interest story involving the power of photos. Our customers have shared countless tales with us and we’ve stumbled upon many incredible stories around the web.


To spread the love, we’d like to share a few of these amazing articles that highlight just how powerful our photos truly are.

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