4 Free Photo Filter Tools to Enhance Your Photos

Free Photo Filters

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Want a quick, easy and most importantly FREE way to make your photos look great? These four tools won’t let you down.


Have you ever taken a photo that was just perfect—except for one tiny detail? Or do you ever end up with pictures that are too dark, too bright, or just a touch blurry? These days, you don’t have to settle for what you captured in the frame. These four tools will let you easily apply photo filters, make corrections and share your work, completely for free.


1. Instagram. Instagram is perhaps the most widely known photo filter app, and there’s a good reason for that: it’s easy to use and it’s already wired into a giant social network. Unlike many photo sharing services, you won’t have any problems finding your friends on Instagram. The tools it offers for photo editing are effective but basic, with an emphasis on simplicity. Instagram’s true strength is making sure you can make the edits quickly and then easily share them with the world. Instagram is available for both iOS and Android.

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10 Tips From the Neat Freak on How to Organize and Store Your Print and Digital Photos

“Attics are notoriously bad places to store things.” – Perri Kersh, Neat Freak


10 Tips From the Neat Freak on How to Organize and Store Your Print and Digital PhotosWant the inside scoop from a professional organizer on the best way to store your print and digital photos? We caught up with ScanMyPhotos customer Perri Kersh, who has been helping people organize their lives through her company, Neat Freak, since 2005 (you can find her on Twitter – she shares lots of great tips every day!).


Before you run up to the attic to haul out your grandmother’s photo albums, read through Perri’s tips so you know the best place to store them:


1. Break the photo-organization task into small, manageable chunks


I work with a lot of clients who have inherited boxes of old photos from parents and grandparents. I recommend that people break the task of organizing them down into manageable chunks. Unless you are retired, you don’t have 8 hours a day to organize photos!

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